Yesterday afternoon, the power went out.  It was out for about four hours.  And I learned how reliant (how desperately, sadly reliant) I am on modern conveniences.

I couldn’t use the computer.  (Well, I could have until the battery died, but our internet provider was also down.  What’s the fun in that?)

I couldn’t turn on the tv (which I do watch far too much of), and I couldn’t even listen to the radio or some CDs.  We don’t have a radio that operates on batteries, and the boom box takes a lot of D batteries, which we don’t have.  (We will also be screwed if there’s ever a disaster, as we are completely lacking in the preparedness department.)

For the last few days, I’ve been binge reading, so I didn’t feel like reading.  It was raining outside, so that was out.  (Dannan is terrified he will melt in the rain, and if I’m going outside and can’t take him with me, then what’s the point?  Besides, he was freaky, so I wanted to stay close by.  And because he was so worried, I called B. and cancelled on him again.  He always understands, but really, the poor guy.)

I did end up reading until the light was too low to see the words on the page.  And I alternated that with trying to comfort the Very Spoiled Dog (VSD), trying to make him stop pacing and panting.  No luck with that, by the way;  the Rescue Remedy may have kept him at a manageable level of stress, but it only went away when the weather system was gone.

But I realized how dependent I am on electricity, television, commercially produced music, and all those other mod cons.  I felt lost;  what was I supposed to do with myself?  It was a great wake-up call;  now I just have to decide whether I really want to make any changes.  And the inertia that seems to define me will probably keep me in that reliant state.  But the first step in change is awareness, so maybe there’s hope for me yet.