hungry for fruit in dead of winter

We should take away the cheer.
I study for an End to the Stalemate.
You never thought
you’d choose the middle way and
You’d forget your first love.

The Sheer Inconvenience, it causes
This crash
From a height of control.
I dream to SLEEP by listening,
but these efforts are foresaken
for just the Look of Love this new day.
I might want to avoid but clearly I have no skills.

My secret is safe,
Only in quiet do I tell,
In silence do I speak.
Thousands of miles
of NOTHING between us.

I confess that he either needs space
or just needs me not.
I want my Words to ring
through time and space,
through the nothingness,
to reach his ear, or heart, or something!
He will be deaf, and they will not.

And I,
I will crave the juice of the mango,
And watch the snow fall.