Well, okay.  Not a thousand meetings, but close enough.  For some (crazy) reason, I scheduled all my SPCA meetings for this month within a three day span.  Yes, I did it to myself.  Yes, it seemed like a good (well, all right) idea at the time.  And yes, it seems monumentally stupid right now.

I’ve been a volunteer with my local SPCA for a number of years.  I stopped counting at five, somewhat like some people stop counting their age at 29.  This year, I’m the COE (Chair of Everything).  I like being chair;  my psychiatrist and I laughed like hyenas the day I told her that I’d returned to the SPCA as the Chair of the Community Council.  (When I told her, she said, “Of course you went back as chair.  We both know you have control issues.”  And boy, did we laugh.  She knew me well.  Dr. F., I miss you!)

So I get to run things, which is my favourite state of affairs.  And sometimes, I run them with my head up my ass, and schedule a month’s worth of meetings in three days.