I forgot to write about this in my last post…  I was doing a search on “emotional support dogs in BC”, and the first result of the search was my very own blog!  (Well, okay, a link to “blogs about psychiatrists”, and mine was the first listed.  Never mind.)

How flattering!  I am so stoked that my blog comes up in searches!  And that there are actually people out there that read it sometimes!  I totally didn’t expect to have any readers, so thank you all for dropping by!

(When I decided to start a blog, I had two purposes.  One, writing regularly.  It’s the first rule of writing, I think, that one should write everyday.  Having a forum where someone might read what I’ve written seemed like a good motivator.  And two, getting over my fear that someone will read what I’ve written.  I know, contradictory, natch?  But I am terrified of people reading my writing, and then <GASP> having an opinion about it!  Particularly if they don’t like it.  I know I have to get over this fear, and again, the blog seemed to be a good way to get there.)

Thanks again for reading!  🙂