Borrowed this idea from L-squared:  A recap of August Thursday Thirteen.

Thirteen things I did in August so far:

1.  Chaired a meeting for the Animal Welfare and Advocacy Group at our local SPCA.

2.  Chaired a meeting for the Pets in Rental Housing Group at our local SPCA.

3.  Chaired a meeting for the Humane Education Group at our local SPCA.

(Noticing a theme here?  Hmmmm?)

4.  Helped put together two display boards for the local SPCA, one about puppy mills and one about the local SPCA.

(Are you starting to wonder if I have a life??)

5.  Housesat for my parents.

6.  Wrote an article for the SPCA newsletter, about the various volunteer opportunities at the local SPCA.

(Oh, dear God, even I’m starting to wonder if I have a life!)

7.  Visited with my friend, Mgli, who I haven’t seen in years.

8.  Took my dog, Dannan, to the vet for his annual checkup and shots.

9.  Read a lot of blogs.

10.  Wrote an astonishing 22 posts to this blog, and 13 posts to my other blog, which is here and about my dog.

11.  Discovered the Google Poetry Robot and wrote (?) a few poems for fun.

12.  Got my new laptop!  (How could I forget?  Oh, it seems like so long ago, that’s why.)

And, dum-da-da-da!

13.  Researched how to get Dannan declared an Emotional Support Animal.

Wow, looking at this list, even I’m bored!  That 13, bit of a let down!  And good Lord, I put in a lot of time at the local SPCA, especially for the one month of the year that our Community Council is supposed to take “off”!

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