I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I might just have found the perfect purse for me! Roomie talks about the purse that epitomizes who she’d like to be; I’m not sure I’m prepared to go that far, but I have never been sooooooo excited about a purse!

Here is the old, ratty summer purse:

Please excuse the dog hair on the couch.  Also the malformation of the cushion due to Dannan’s delusion that he is as small as the Miniature Pinschers we live with, and can therefore perch on the back of the sofa.

I’ve seen some other blogs about purses and what they carry (I’m too lazy to look up all the links).  So here’s my contribution:

I haven’t yet figured out how to put fancy arrows and writing onto a picture yet, so here’s what all this crap is:  2 year calendar, Dentyne Fire gum, envelope containing my refill cheques, lip balm, kleenex, cell phone, inhaler, meds, paperclip (?), quarters for the grocery carts, giant Lifesaver, pen, two notebooks, keys, business cards, wallet, deodorant (you never know…), and prescription sunglasses in case.  (You are no doubt ecstatic to have had me tell you all that.)

But here, HERE, is the Best Purse in the World:

I wasn’t sure that the fabulousness of the purple would show up on the red couch, so here it is on the seat of our recumbent exercise bike (yes, we seriously do have one):

Please ignore the junk in the background.  And get used to reading that;  clutter is my life.

The Best Purse in the World has lots of dividers inside it, which I love.  As you saw, I carry a whole lot of crap in my purse, so it’s nice to have it all segregated into sections.

I know that you can’t see all the FABULOUSNESS of the purse, and for that, I blame my photography skills.  You’ll have to trust me on this one.