Thirteen Things I Like About September:

1.  It’s that border territory between summer and fall:  cooler temperatures but sunny and blue skies!

2.  New beginnings (too many new school years for me, I guess;  September always still feels that way!).

3.  My niece Banana’s birthday.  (This year 29, OMG.  Makes me O L D.)

4.  Harvest moon!  Or if you prefer, Hunter’s Moon.  Whichever, I love that orange colour!

5.  The leaves are starting to turn colour.

6.  Brand new TV season!

7.  Most people are back from holidays, so schedules can go back to normal.  (I am a creature of habit, you see.)

8.  Crisp morning air, but still no frost.

9.  Sleeping at night with the window wide open, lots of cold air in the room, covers pulled up to my chin.

10.  Lots of fresh fruit (apples and pears!) and the remaining garden harvest.

11.  Being able to walk the dog anytime in the morning or evening, should I actually venture out of the house.  (In the summer, it’s like walk him at early o’clock, or at midnight, because they’re the only times that are not brutally hot.)

12.  Sometimes having to wear a sweater at night.

13.  Back to school shopping!  (I don’t do this anymore, but I still love it!)

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