I still just don’t know what to say about the electoral madness taking place in Toronto.  Today, CTV News is reporting further (dangerous) idiocy.  Apparently, in the wake of the vandalism, and cut phone, cable, and brake lines, now there have been menacing phone calls to Liberal supporters, warning them that they “will be next” if they don’t take down their Liberal campaign signs.

I blogged about the first rash of incidents on Sunday.  And I’m still totally shocked that this sort of thing is happening.  Apparently, some people have asked that their Liberal campaign signs be taken away;  others (a surprising amount) are asking for signs to be brought to them so they can display them.  Huzzah for those who are standing up for their democratic rights to support whomever they damn well please.  I just hope that the fanatical menacing either ends, or those responsible gets caught.