Thirteen Odd Things About Me

1.  I can’t go to sleep if part of my body is hanging over or off the side of the bed.

2.  I can’t fall asleep without the t.v.

3.  I am superstitious about spilling salt.  I have to throw salt over my left shoulder if I spill some.  (I have no idea why this superstition stuck with me.)

4.  I am also superstitious about knocking on wood to counteract the jinx that may happen.  (I figure that if the jinx is real, it’s gonna happen to me.  No question.)

5.  I need to drink a glass of water after I shower, because I feel dehydrated.

6.  I have to wear socks all the time, even to bed, because my feet are just that cold.

7.  I always put my left shoe on first.

8.  I drink at least four litres of water per day (about four quarts).  (I also go to the bathroom about a bajillion times per day.)

9.  I hate using bathrooms that are not at my house, even though I do.  I even dislike using the bathroom at my parents’ house, which I grew up in.

10.  If you bump into me, I will apologize.

11. I can’t climb (up or down) stairs in the dark without holding onto a handrail or someone’s arm.  I also count the stairs as I take them.

12.  Even since kindergarten (thanks, Ms. Madeleine), I have been compelled to use the washroom just before leaving the house.

13.  I love to be by, or on, the water.  But I can’t stand being in the water, whether it’s a bath, a hot-tub, swimming pool, or lake.

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