Wowsa!  When I started this blog back in the summer, I certainly never expected to even have a 100th post.  I am really good at starting projects and then abandoning them.  Especially writing projects.  (It’s that whole self-worth conundrum.)

Honestly, at the time I thought that by the beginning of November, I’d have given up weeks and weeks ago.  To my surprise, here I am.  Holy sh*t, is what I’m thinking.  How about that?!

I’ve found this whole blogging experience to be fantastic, exciting, scary, exhilarating, amazing… did I mention fantastic and scary?  I began The Muse Asylum because I thought that the possibility of a hypothetical audience (someone that might maybe read my posts) would motivate me to actually write on a regular basis.  I didn’t actually expect that anyone would read it.  I even have a couple of regular readers, which I really never thought would happen.

And in all frankness, I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted anybody to read my posts.  I’m pretty sure that everyone who writes has issues about whether their writing is any good.  (If you are a writer who doesn’t have those issues, please keep your comments to yourself!)  And my approach has been that I’d rather not have anyone read it, than for someone to read it and tell me it’s bad.  I have never before allowed myself to take the risk.

But I knew that if I ever really wanted to be a writer (not just someone who calls herself a writer, but never strings the words together), I had to get over that fear.  And I also had to persevere beyond three or four posts.

I have been rewarded beyond my wildest dreams.  I am writing regularly, not once a day like I’d like to be, but often enough that I feel like I’m getting into the habit.  I write about things I’m interested in, and I write about fun things (especially on Thursdays, Fridays, and Mondays).

I have met some very cool people (and for those of you who are skeptical, who think I should write “met” rather than met, it is as much of a real meeting as any other.  I would say that I’ve “met” my neighbour, but all I know about him is that he’s got long hair and wants to sell his house.  I can tell you much more meaningful things about some of the friends I’m making online).

I am having fun.  Janet at Fond of Snape had a post recently that made me remember that I don’t have fun as often as I would like to.  Fun gets lost in the minutiae of my life, and sometimes I have to make a conscious effort to have it.

I get to spout off about my opinions, which are endless.  You have noticed that, I’m sure!

And I get to learn, which is one of the highest priorities in my life.  If I’m not learning, I’m sure as hell not having fun!

As the cherry on top, I just got an email from Lisa over at Invisible Illness, asking for permission to reprint one of my blog posts on her site as a guest post.  To think that I wrote something in a way that made someone else want to share it, that’s a fabulous feeling!  My guest post will be here on November 10th, and I am so thrilled!

I’m having a wonderful journey so far, and I’m looking forward to the road ahead.  Thanks for joining me, audience – hypothetical and real, both!