…Why do I get the flu every winter even though I get my flu shot?

So I feel like crap today, and apparently so does Dannan.  He threw up all over the couch a few minutes ago, and I grabbed the wrong spray bottle.  I thought I was grabbing the bottle of odour neutralizer, but instead it was the bottle of bitter stuff that you spray on things to keep your animals from chewing on them.  I sprayed a whole butt load of it on the couch cushions, not realizing what it was because I couldn’t smell it.  Finally, I realized my mistake and went to get the Prosolve.  (I checked the bottle before spraying this time, natch.)

I can sure smell the bitter stuff now.  Cuts right through a stuffy head and nose, let me tell ya.  And that burning in the back of my throat?  I don’t think that’s a coincidence.  I’m just waiting for the Prosolve to do its work, then I’ll try to sponge off all the ick.  And no dog will probably ever go on the couch again.

I totally wanted to do a post this afternoon about the December blues and holiday expectations.  Since I’ve just gassed myself and all furry creatures within a 100 metre radius, that might have to wait.  Dannan had the good sense to head downstairs.  He’s probably throwing up all over my bed now.  At least that’s easier to wash.

So instead of the in-depth, thoughtful post I envisioned, I’m rambling on about dog puke.  Welcome back to the Muse Asylum, aren’t you glad I’m back?