Today’s prompt: “For today’s prompt, I want you to write a poem about Friday. Do you like Fridays? Despise Fridays? Of course, you can also write about something that happened on a Friday–or write an ode to Fridays. Or, as you know, I’m all for seeing you attack this from an angle I haven’t thought of yet.”

In some ways, this challenge is a dream come true.  I can dash off something, call it a poem, and forget about the tough work of polishing and reworking.  But in other ways, I am finding it hard to post things that are put together without a lot of effort on my part.  Today, the title says it all about how I’m feeling!


Copping Out


It was a Friday afternoon, and overcast.

I packed my stuff and left.

You, in San Francisco on business,

wouldn’t know ‘til Sunday

when you returned.

I knew it for the

cowardly exit it was,

but I couldn’t leave if

I had to meet your eyes.

Thank you for letting me

run away.