Today’s Prompt: “For today’s prompt, I want you to write a poem that incorporates a hobby (either yours or someone else’s). That’s right: Now is the perfect opportunity to write about your comic collection or your scrapbooking activities. And for the purposes of this challenge, I also think activities such as fishing, running, bowling, photography, birding, and gardening count as hobbies.”

I’ve been stuck in a Dr. Seuss nightmare all day.  So sad.   I didn’t even end up with anything entertaining for your reading pleasure.   I’m heading out for an evening with friends (we’re gonna talk dogs and dog training!), so I’m running out of time.  This is all I’ve got (and yes, the subject is writing poetry, even though today it seems more like a punishment than a challenge!):



Untitled (again)


I start with an idea

and bounce it around my brain.

My hand grips a pencil

as I race to record my thoughts.

A few lines blurt out before

I pause to think.

I ponder which word to choose,

which syllables reflect the images

and sounds and rhythms

bubbling and boiling through my mind.

Some days the words flow easy.

Others, I struggle to pull




I scratch and scrawl sentences,

moving forward and back through the lines

to tweak and substitute.

I hem and haw over this word here,

the meter over there.

Finally, I declare it finished for today.

A title eludes me completely –

sad to say, it often does.

With some regret, I’ll let it set,

only to re-attack another day with

more scribbles and a polishing pen.