Today’s prompt: “Today is Tuesday, which means two prompts. First prompt: Write a love poem. Second prompt: Write an anti-love poem. Simple as that.”

I started typing my first attempt, and I typed “trial” instead of “trail”.  That got me thinking and led to the second attempt.  I just can’t seem to get enough sleep lately and it seems that I can’t make any decisions, so I’m posting both of them (even though I think the first is pretty hackneyed).


Love is…



on the trail.

You insisted I eat

the fuzzy mint

you found

in your pocket.




Love is…


My trial is running long –

you collect change

from everyone you know

at the courthouse.

When the judge breaks,

you present me with a picnic:

three bags of Doritos,

a sleeve of jellybeans,

and a can of Dr. Pepper

(my favourite).