Today’s prompt: “For today’s prompt, I want you to take the title of a poem you especially like (by another poet) and change it. Then, with this new altered title, I want you to write a poem. An example would be to take William Carlos Williams’ “The Red Wheelbarrow” and change it to “The Red Volkswagon.” Or take Frank O’Hara’s “Why I Am Not a Painter” and change it to “Why I Am Not a Penguin.” You get the idea, right? (Note: Your altered poem does NOT have to follow the same style as the original poet, though you can try if you wish.)”

I seriously thought about not posting a poem today,  but I let my inner critic badger me until I finally sat down and wrote something.  Now I’m halfway through the challenge, and hopefully I can keep myself writing even when I feel very emotionally fragile, like I do today.

Oh, and by the way… rhymes are hard.
The Beagle

He sniffs the scents shed in the grass,
Head down so that no smell will pass
Him by.  His nose is in a class
By itself.  The trail leads beyond the fence,
But his next step he does commence –
He climbs the links with no pretence
At trying to hide.  So off he runs,
His stubborn pace never slackens.
He pays no mind to the urgent summons
Of his people, chasing behind.
They fall back, they have become resigned:
It is simply the way he is designed!


Original poem:  “The Eagle” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson