“For today’s prompt, I want you to write a work-related poem. Work doesn’t have to be the main feature of the poem, but I want you to “work” it in somehow. And remember: There are different types of work. Of course, there are the activities that gain you fortune and fame (or not), but then, there’s also housework, exercise, volunteering, etc. I’m sure you’ll “work” it out.”

I got so busy today that I just about forgot about the challenge! So all I’ve got to offer is a last minute experiment. It’s about rhythm, so you have to read it out loud.
think, think, think, think.
outline, read, research, read,
plan, write, research, write,
read, list, read, write, write, write,
write, write, type, type,
type, type, backspace, type,
spell-check, type, proofread, type,
re-read, edit, think, polish.
Finally, the paper is done.