“For <b>today’s prompt</b>, I want you to write a poem of longing. You or someone (or something) else should be pining for someone or something. Maybe a cat is longing to get outside the house. Maybe a teenager is longing to get away from his or her small town. And, of course, there’s always the longing poem of love.”

I’m lazy again today, so it’s another dog poem.  Inspired by true events.  😉
<b>Doggie Desperation</b>
He stares longingly at the
crust of pizza in my hand.
He wishes he could put a
tooth on it, gobble it down
faster than the blink of my eye.
A long string of drool stretches
from his mouth to the couch.
He waits politely, ever hopeful.
I give in, and watch it disappear,
and then he stares at me again
as if I hadn’t just given in.