Is there anything more frustrating than going out determined to spend money, and when you get there, whatever you want to buy is sold out?

I was all prepared to buy a netbook today.  I don’t really have the money;  I was pilfering from my Clicker Expo fund to do it, but it seemed like such a good deal, I couldn’t resist.

So I got up to the store, having gone through all the agonizing of “Should I?  No, I probably shouldn’t.  But it’s such a good deal.  Yes, I think I will, even though I probably shouldn’t.”  And the netbook was all sold out.

(It turns out that the price that I thought was a sale price is actually the everyday price, so it likely wasn’t as good a deal as I thought it was.  And the salesperson said more would be coming in next week, and since it was an everyday price, she couldn’t give me a rain check.)

So there I was, all ready to spend (what is for me) serious money, with nothing to buy.  I kind of went into a buying-withdrawal frenzy at that point.  I wanted to buy something, dammit!

I went to another store nearby and looked at a tablet.  The big roadblock — it’s refurbished.  Now, I’ve bought several refurbished products from this store, and they’ve all been fine.  But several people have commented lately that they’ve tried this store, and ended up buying things that don’t work.

I just wanted to buy one SO BADLY, I could hardly stand it.  Kind of scary, how badly I wanted to buy one.  But I kept it all together and got out of the store before I gave in to the almost irresistible urge to buy.

Now, I’m sitting in a coffee shop, writing this post out by hand on paper instead of typing it on my brand new netbook or tablet.  And I’m slowly starting to feel better for having withstood the craving.  Maybe next week.