Well, it’s Thanksgiving in the United States (we celebrated Thanksgiving in October here in Canada), but I thought that today was a good day to think about gratitude.


Thirteen Things I am Grateful For

1. That my health is good — physically, I am healthy, and mentally/emotionally, I am also well, and have been for over a year.

2. My wonderful family, especially my mother

3. My dear friends — I am especially blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life — I love you all!

4. My little brown dog

5. The relaxation that a cup of tea brings me

6. That I can give back to my community — it’s tremendously important to me

7. My writing — I love to write, and I am grateful that I have been writing again lately

8. The support that my loved ones give me every day

9. Chocolate

10. My new tablet — I’m loving it!

11. That I have such a good doctor

12. To be able to use the telephone after a long period of phobic avoidance

13. That there is no snow on the ground.


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