Here I am, on the brink of this new endeavour, hoping I can keep my perfectionistic tendencies and my procrastination to a minimum.  I want to write, but my fears of not writing something fabulous keep me mute.  I don’t want to be mute;  I want to be brave, to fling myself off the cliff and not care whether I fly or crash into the rocks below.  I want to write for the sake of writing itself, and not care what others think of what I produce.  Lofty goals, indeed.

However, if I ever hope to reach the point of flinging, I have to start with the tiniest step forward.  I am hoping to make this blog my tiny step.  Ahhhh, my anxiety level is rising already!

I have another blog, which is about my Very Spoiled Dog (VSD), Dannan.  It can be found at  I have found blogger to be quite frustrating, and I can’t do most of the things I’d like to do.  (Of course, I also have not bothered to read any instructions or looked for the “help” section;  as with many other things, I prefer to just start doing, hitting various keys, to see what happens.  This does not in any way reduce my prospects for frustration;  nor does it predict success at creating online what I envision in my head.  Yet, I persist.)

I am hoping that WordPress will be more amenable to what I like to call my “intuitive” computer approach.  We shall see.

On the Little Brown Dog Blog, I am trying to add photographs, since most people who read dog blogs want to see the dogs as much as (if not more) than to read about their antics.  I am an indifferent photographer (both in terms of innate talent, and in terms of desire to learn how to take better pics), so this blog probably won’t include many pictures.

(You will no doubt have gathered, dear Reader, that laziness is one of my defining characteristics.  Between my perfectionism, my procrastination, and my laziness, it is a wonder I accomplish anything at all.  So this experiment of mine will be multifunctional, helping me to overcome my natural inertia and providing me with a place to write where I will look silly (at least to myself) if I don’t write regularly.  The experiment will also provide me with a venue to challenge my procrastination and perfectionism.  I will write, and not think about polishing and obessive editing, with the purpose of training myself to just do it.  My therapist would be so proud.)

Finally, I must confess to a great act of thievery in naming my domain.  The Muse Asylum is a fantastic novel by David Czuchlewski.  If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it.  For any local readers, I have a copy you can borrow.  I liked the title so much, I plagiarized it.  Is outright theft of such a thing the sincerest form of flattery?  I suppose I will find out, if Mr. Czuchlewski ever stumbles across my blog and decides to sue.

So I leave for now, hazy and crazy as ever.